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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our virtual competition

Ok, today was the big day, the day we finally competed! We were all very exited. First, we sat down and answered some questions about the robot. We told the judge about its balanced design, large loop holder, sensors, and other features. Then, it was time to compete. We ran our robot, and unfortunately for us, it did not perform as well as it had the night before. The night before, it had been doing fine, as shown in our documentary. However, due to technical difficulties, we only scored 90 points today, which was low compared to our max, which is 180. Despite this pushback, we are still happy with our results as our robot displayed its best programming and physical attributes such as its alignment with objects on the field, its compass sensor for exact turns, and its ultra sonic sensor for alignment with the walls. Overall, we had a load of fun and wish all the remaining teams the best of luck.

GO MOONBOTS!!!!!!! Thank you for making our summer interesting, educational, and fun.

Also, here is the feed from our robot's perspective:

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